Why Should You Keep Your Carpets Clean?


Dirty carpets might be full of dust, bacteria and allergens. They affect the indoor air quality as particles and biotoxins continue to accumulate and circulate inside a dwelling or workplace. As a result, the occupants’ overall quality of living (and even health) will be affected because of the dirty carpets and the hazards they bring.

Why should you keep your carpets clean?

Indoor air quality has become a major concern now because after all we spend most of our time indoors (at home whether sleeping or everyday living or while in the workplace). Poor indoor air quality can affect our productivity, focus, mood, health and mental function. Consequently, this affects our overall quality of living whether we’re at home or the office.

One significant factor that affects indoor air quality is the carpet. The entire day and night it might be accumulating dust, bacteria and allergens. The carpet’s surfaces and fibres might be becoming a favourable environment for microorganisms to hide and multiply. Surely all those ongoing events will manifest through the noticeable changes in the carpet’s odour and appearance. More alarming though is that the microparticles and microorganisms are gradually harming us without our awareness.

It’s important then that the carpets are professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, that might not be enough because in high-traffic areas the carpets are accumulating bacteria and allergens much faster. To be safe and maintain the pleasant appearance and neutral odour of the carpets, it’s practical to get them cleaned every three months (it still depends on your preference and the current state of your carpets).

Cleaning has to be thorough and this often requires the use of antimicrobial agents (these should be non-toxic though so they won’t trigger allergies). The cleaning should deal both with large and micro particles that are on the surfaces and in the fibres of the carpet. This way, the carpet will look and smell like new (people will surely notice that the air seems lighter because of the clean carpets).

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