Couch Cleaning Balgowlah

For professional and eco-friendly couch cleaning, choose us here at LCS Sydney. We don’t do general cleaning. What we do here is we specialise in upholstery cleaning.

We know which specific products to use when removing a particular stain from delicate fabrics. This way, only the stain will be removed and there will be no damage to the fabric. This also helps prolong the fabric’s lifetime and maintain its elegant appearance.

Couch cleaning Balgowlah

Residential and commercial customers often choose us because:

  • We’ve been in operation since 1972
  • We’re IICRC certified (IICRC stands for Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)
  • We use eco-friendly solutions
  • We provide free antimicrobial treatment with our cleaning

We can remove stains and any lingering unpleasant odours from delicate fabrics such as suede, velvet and silk. Because of our specialised knowledge in fabric cleaning and protection, we’ve already been chosen by businesses and other oganisations with the strictest standards in sanitation, health and safety.

Upholstery cleaning Balgowlah

Whether inside an office, business premise or home, a dirty couch can distract most of us and we might instantly create a negative impression about the place. When too much dust and other particles fly around even with just a slight pat on the couch, we might think that the entire place is not being taken cared of and the one who owns or runs it does not maintain a high standard.

To prevent that, it helps to maintain a high standard on the appearance and smell of the couch and other upholstered furniture (especially if there’s a big event coming). It’s not enough to clean the floors and other surfaces. It’s also critical that the upholstered furniture undergo professional cleaning and antimicrobial treatment (can be done both before and after the event).

Here at LCS Sydney, we’ll do professional cleaning on your couch, sofa, lounge, seats and carpets. Aside from helping ensure a clean environment in homes and businesses, this cleaning will also help improve indoor air quality and the living conditions in the place.

Contact us today if you require specialists to clean your upholstered furniture. We can arrange for a convenient schedule and come to you promptly. We service the entire Balgowlah including residential and commercial sites at or near Stockland, Condamine St, Sydney Rd, Weeroona Reserve Playground and North Harbour Reserve.