Couch Cleaning Manly

If you want your couch to smell fresh and prevent spills from becoming permanent stains, contact us here at LCS Sydney. Since 1972, we’ve been specialising in upholstery cleaning.

As specialists, we’ve already cleaned couches, sofas, lounges and other upholstery for homes, hotels, restaurants and even private fleet aircraft and marinecraft. Both residential and commercial customers choose us because of our specialised knowledge in upholstery cleaning and fabric protection.

Couch cleaning Manly

We remove tough stains, dirt, dust, dust mites, pollen, allergens, grease and oils from all upholstery fabric and upholstered furniture. We’re also able to remove mildew and mould spores from couches. We’ve already cleaned leather, linen, cotton, microfibre, silk, velvet, suede, polyester and other fabrics.

Our services and solutions are:

  • Thorough and appropriate (we know which specific products to use to remove a particular stain)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long-term (we can provide long-term fabric protection and help prolong the fabric’s lifetime)

Upholstery cleaning Manly

Here, especially at the beaches, tourists and other customers can get easily disappointed when they see stained upholstery or a couch or seat that smells bad. It can tell a lot about how you run your business. A small detail of negligence can make some customers form general conclusions about the place.

To prevent that, it helps to have the couches and upholstered seats undergo professional cleaning and antimicrobial treatment. Aside from making the couches look new and well taken cared of, there will be no distracting smell that might repel tourists and other customers.

In both commercial premises and homes, clean upholstered furniture can help improve or maintain indoor air quality. That’s because cleaning can remove the accumulated particles and pollutants from the fabric. So whenever someone sits down at the couch, there will be much fewer particles flying around which can cause sneezing and respiratory irritation.

Contact us here at LCS Sydney if you want your couch, sofa or upholstered seat to smell fresh and look well taken cared of. We can always promptly service the entire Manly area, including homes and businesses at or near the Manly Beach, Stella Maris College, Quinton Rd, The Corso, Ivanhoe Park, International College of Management and North Forth Rd.