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LCS Sydney Offers a Range of Fabric and Leather Furniture Cleaning Services to the Wider Metropolitan City

We are dedicated to providing work at a very high, professional standard. We can clean and protect residential and commercial upholstery.

we have nearly 50 years of experience in the upholstery and carpet cleaning industry. When your home, office or commercial fabric and leather upholstered furniture needs to be cleaned, our experience guarantees an exceptional result.

Started in 1972, LSC Sydney is a family-owned and operated furniture cleaning business. We have genuine pride in our work and are part of several industry organisations, including Leather Master, Woolsafe, and are IICRC Certified.

We understand how unsightly stains or spills on fabric or leather can be. After years of use, though, most couches do display a little sagging and fraying. This can easily be remedied by loving care and attention by LCS Sydney.

Because we care, we offer the following services for all types of upholstery:

Couch cleaning Sydney

Lounge cleaning Sydney

Sofa cleaning Sydney

Sofa bed cleaning Sydney

Furniture upholstery cleaning Sydney

Leather sofa cleaning

LCS also offers professional carpet cleaning processes. If your flooring has gone too long without a professional clean it can very readily display signs of neglect. Frayed fibres, entrenched stains and other detritus (including dust mites) can happen and really stay for a long time.

With some tender loving care by LCS, however, your carpets will surely be restored to their former fabulous self. If deep cleaning is needed, rely on us to do the job correctly every time. We have all the tools needed for stain removal, dry cleaning and all other carpet cleaning methods.

If your fabric or leather furniture, or carpets, need a professional cleaning solution, please contact Lounges, Couches, Sofas. We will provide you with a free quote when you call based on the job you outline over the telephone. We will call out to your location with all the high quality equipment we need for all leather cleaning. We can also restore all fabric upholstered furniture to its former glory.

Part of our service is the free anti microbial treatment. We use this to kill any bacteria present on your furniture or in your carpet. We also offer free deoderising to leave behind that ‘new product’ smell after applying upholstery cleaner.

We are highly recommended by all of our former clients. LCS offers you 100% satisfaction on each and every job that we complete.

Lounges, Couches, Sofas Sydney

operates from Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm. Please call us today as your preferred service provider for all upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. Rely on our tenure in the business when it comes to professional cleaning.

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