Couch Cleaning Queenscliff

For deep cleaning of your couch, contact us today here at LCS Sydney. Since 1972, we’ve been specialising in professional upholstery cleaning. With our specialised knowledge and skill set, we’re able to completely remove stains from couches and delicate fabrics.

Couch cleaning Queenscliff

We don’t do general cleaning. What we do here is we specialise in upholstery cleaning, stain removal and fabric protection.

We know which specific products and methods to use in cleaning and deodorising delicate fabrics such as silk, linen, wool, suede and velvet. We also know how to make sure that the couch will look, smell and feel new again.

The LCS Sydney can clean couches and other upholstered furniture for homes, offices, pubs, hotels, restaurants, private fleet aircraft and marine craft. Many of our residential and commercial customers often choose us because:

  • We’ve been in this specialised business since 1972.
  • We’re IICRC certified and we are a part of several industry organisations including Leather Master and Woolsafe.
  • We always use eco-friendly solutions
  • Our service comes with free deodorising and free antimicrobial treatment

Upholstery cleaning Queenscliff

We often do dry cleaning on natural fabrics and hot water extraction on synthetic fibres. Aside from removing accumulated particles and pollutants, our approach also effectively removes mildew and mould spores. This can help improve indoor air quality and make the place feel comfortable for the family, guests, tourists, surfers and customers.

Because we’re part of several industry organisations and our certifications are always updated, we undergo continuing education. This helps ensure that we maintain our high standards in our work. This also demonstrates our commitment to professionalism and integrity.

We also understand that couches and other upholstered furniture are important pieces of homes, offices and places of business and leisure. A couch that smells bad can instantly turn away customers or let them make a negative impression about a certain business. On the other hand, a couch that smells fresh can help customers better focus on what the business offers.

Contact us today and we will do deep cleaning on your couch or other upholstered furniture. We have the experience and specialised knowledge to carry out this important work. We’re also always prompt and responsive, and we can get to your site wherever you are in Queenscliff (including areas at or near Freshwater View Reserve, Greycliffe St, Hill St and Aitken Ave).