How to Take Care of Leather Surfaces


Although leather is long lasting, durable and easy to clean, it can still undergo damage and deterioration through the months and years. The accumulation of dirt, exposure to sunlight, a few spills and natural processes can affect the leather’s longevity and appearance.

How to take care of leather surfaces

After a few years (or even just a year), the leather surface might start to manifest a few scratches and some fading. This can make the sofa or couch look older than it is (and now it doesn’t go well with the rest of the place). Guests might also immediately notice that there’s something odd or wrong in that leather sofa.

To prevent that from happening (and not think too much about your sofa), it’s good to set a schedule on the professional cleaning and maintenance. Once every 6 or 12 months of professional cleaning is good enough to slow down the damage and deterioration. This professional cleaning can also help bring back the leather’s natural shine and elegance.

You can also do the cleaning yourself by using soap, water, soft cloth, cotton swab, rubbing alcohol and other supplies. It’s important to be extremely gentle if you prefer this DIY approach. This way, you won’t damage the leather surface because harsh cleaning can actually cause scratches and fading. There are also commercial leather care products that are specifically designed for such a purpose of gentle and thorough cleaning. However, the product might get stuck for a long time after the first use. In addition, you might also be concerned of the volatiles and chemicals that could accumulate and linger in your home.

As a result, it’s a lot better to choose cleaning done by a professional (such as what we do here at LCS Sydney). It’s also good to place your furniture where it doesn’t get hit by direct sunlight. These measures will do a lot more in maintaining and conserving your leather sofa and furniture through the years (instead of worrying about it every now and then). This way, the leather sofa will just simply fade into the background because you don’t have to think about it and instead just focus on the gathering, leisure or everyday home living.