How to Safely Clean a Sofa


You want your sofa to look clean, smell fresh and thoroughly disinfected. However, you worry that the cleaning might affect your sofa’s total appearance, longevity and integrity. You don’t want to ruin the fabric or cause any fading and discoloration. What you want is to safely clean the furniture while making sure you’re not causing any damage.

How to safely clean a sofa

Whether it’s after a gathering or a movie night, your sofa might have faced and gathered some particles, dirt and spills. Gradually this could have been also happening through the months and years (especially if there’s no professional cleaning done). As a result, your sofa now looks a bit odd and different (and there are traces of a nasty smell).

You’ve realised then that it now requires a thorough cleaning. You want to be careful though, especially if it’s already a few years old. Even if it’s still relatively new, fabrics and surfaces are still vulnerable. Tearing and other damages are still possible especially if you use harsh chemicals or if the wiping and cleaning are too rough.

What your sofa requires is a mild and gentle cleaning. You can accomplish that by using water and mild soap (and really gentle wiping). However, our own definitions of mild and gentle might have a wide range (it can be hard to know if it’s too harsh already). Also, it can be impossible to know if the soap or detergent we’re using is really mild and gentle (it could be too abrasive).

Thankfully, there are commercial products (some are enzyme-based) that are highly appropriate and effective for cleaning and disinfecting sofas. These products are specifically formulated for fabric care and maintenance. From time to time you can use those products on your sofa and keep it smelling fresh and looking new.

Aside from using commercial cleaners and disinfectants, you can also hire specialists who can safely and thoroughly clean your sofa and couch. There are some professionals who do the cleaning in a safe and non-toxic way. This is important because the remnants and volatiles will likely stay, accumulate and circulate inside your home or business. But if all the products for cleaning and disinfection are safe and non-toxic (or if the cleaning is done in a safe way), you’ll gain peace of mind while ensuring that the sofa smells fresh.

Here at LCS (since 1972), we do deep and safe cleaning of sofa fabric and take extra care during the entire process. Rest assured that the entrenched stains and odours will be removed and that the resulting scent will be fresh and pleasant for everyone. Contact us today and we’ll do it promptly and professionally.