How to Remove Odours From Your Sofa


We don’t want that nasty smell of the sofa to linger any longer. As a result, many of us have tried using white vinegar, baking soda and even vodka. Many just use deodorisers to make the sofa smelling clean and fresh again. Sometimes a quick wipe and use of vacuum will do the trick.

How to remove odours from your sofa

Odours are always caused by something and often the residues, spills and bacteria are to blame. The residues and spills might have undergone some chemical reactions to produce that unpleasant smell. The bacteria can also act and we can smell that through their metabolism and waste.

Whichever is the case, our job is to remove the source through physical and chemical means. For upholstered sofas, we can remove the dust and debris through a vacuum cleaner with a brush attached. Some apply a bit of baking soda to neutralise the smell. It works by neutralising either the acidic or alkaline substance that causes the smell in the first place. It’s a chemical reaction where the result is a neutral-smelling substance (which is why baking soda is often used to deodorise and clean).

For leather sofas, a quick wipe can instantly remove the unpleasant odour. After all, leather surfaces resist penetration. With a bit of soap and gentle cleaning, the leather sofa will smell clean and fresh again. If the odour remains after that cleaning, some found it effective to use an enzyme cleaner (helps break down odour-causing bacteria).

You can do the cleaning and deodorising by yourself or by letting a professional do it for you. Either way, the cleaning should be gentle and careful to avoid damaging the leather or fabric. It’s also important that an antimicrobial treatment is included to protect you from viruses, bacteria, mould and mildew. This way, the sofa will not just smell fresh, but also become truly clean and safe to use.

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