How Heat and Cold Affect Leather Sofas and Couches


Whether it’s natural or faux leather, through the years heat and cold will affect the leather’s appearance and integrity. Even with the tanning that strengthened the chemical, microbiological and thermal resistance and properties of the leather, temperature changes and time still has their way of causing visible damage.

Temperature and leather

As with most common materials, leather is still vulnerable to extreme temperature changes and fluctuations. And even with mild changes but sustained through months and years, the highest-quality leather (including the synthetic ones) will still soon show signs of deterioration.

It’s a natural process of deterioration including the colour fading and the marked surface changes in the appearance. Also, we have to consider our daily use of the couch and sofa. Our friction with the leather material and our weight will have an effect sooner or later. We also have to think about how we clean and maintain our sofas, couches and other furniture.

Sooner or later there will be a need for re-upholstery or a total replacement of the couch or sofa. However, that doesn’t mean we neglect the furniture and forget about proper cleaning and maintenance. We still want them to look clean and pleasant through the years (and maximise our use of the furniture).

Also, from time to time we want our furniture to look fresh and smell brand new again. It’s nice to feel like you have a new sofa or couch without actually buying something new. This is possible through proper and professional cleaning of the couch, sofa or lounge. Whether the surface is made of leather or fabric, this brand new smell and refreshing look is enough to make a significant difference.

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