How Do You Rejuvenate a Leather Sofa?


If your leather sofa already looks faded and has a lot of cracks and scratches, there’s still hope because you can use a leather cleaner and conditioner to bring back your sofa’s original lustre and beauty. Professional cleaning will also help to thoroughly remove the dirt and stains while taking care of the leather material.

Making your leather sofa looking like new again

Often, a quick clean that penetrates will do the trick in getting rid of the unsightly marks from the sofa’s surface. Commercial leather cleaners are readily available and they’re highly effective in cleaning the leather surface. A few or several sprays and wipes might be required before you can see the difference.

Professional leather cleaners might contain substances and surfactants with long chemical names. They are effective in partially penetrating the micro holes and gaps of the leather surface (where dust and dirt accumulate) so that you can easily wipe off the dirt. However, there are some hazards about using those products (as well as doing the cleaning yourself). Skin contact and vapour inhalation might cause some serious irritation. Eye irritation might also result if the product is improperly used or if the area is poorly ventilated. Also, if the leftover cleaner is stored somewhere, you, a pet or a child might accidentally come into contact with the chemical.

To prevent those scenarios, it’s essential to keep the product out of reach from children and pets. It’s also essential to wear protective gloves, eyewear and clothing as well as make sure there’s good ventilation in the area (whether during the spraying, wiping, drying and long after the job is done).

It also helps to let a professional do the leather cleaning and restoration so that you won’t endanger yourself. The professional will have a complete set of protective gear as well as apply other safeguards (e.g. improve ventilation, use a non-toxic solution). Aside from ensuring safety, the professional can also ensure that the results will be neat and excellent (perfect rejuvenation and restoration is very likely).

Professionals might also apply a special coating if the customer wants better protection for the leather sofa (and also further enhance its appeal and lengthen the leather’s lifetime). You’ll see the result as ultimately refreshing and you’ll gain peace of mind about your sofa’s useful lifetime.

If you want that to happen to your sofa, you can contact us here at LCS Sydney and we’ll do a professional cleaning and restoration of your leather furniture. Customers choose us because of our decades of experience and history as well as our use of safe cleaning products.