How Do You Protect Sofa Fabric


To protect your seats and sofa from stains, dirt and grease, it’s important to have a regular and ongoing protection against those nasty elements. This way, the fabric itself should be able to resist the spills and stains in the first place (and don’t allow them to penetrate through the fabric).

How do you protect sofa fabric

This protection is a must if you want to keep your sofa and seats to be always looking new and pristine. Also, a single stain or imperfection can instantly ruin the sofa’s overall appeal and appearance. Our eyes are automatically drawn to what’s wrong because our brains are wired to look for mistakes, threats and flaws.

To prevent that, there should be an upholstery protection agent applied. It’s like applying a protective layer so that spills and stains won’t penetrate and instead just slide off from the fabric (which also makes the surface easy to clean). This is similar to applying paint on metal surfaces to protect them from corrosion. The goal has been always to protect the underlying material from direct exposure to harsh and nasty elements.

This kind of protection helps maximise the lifetime of the sofa (and keep its pristine appearance for years to come). Through the months and years, the fabric surfaces can gradually deteriorate if they’re directly exposed to sunlight, dirt and liquids. Eventually the fabric will become unsightly or just seem wrong compared to the rest of the living space. As a result, you might then need re-upholstery services or even consider buying a new sofa.

But with effective protection, the sofa’s service lifetime is maximised and you delay the re-upholstery or the purchase of new furniture. To ensure success and maximum protection, this application of the protective agent should be done professionally to ensure no vulnerabilities and that it’s applied properly and evenly. This way, you won’t have to worry much about the stains and mess (even if you have pets or a small gathering going on).

Here at LCS Sydney (since 1972), you can count on us in making your sofa fabric protected from spills and stains. We use the most appropriate products (there’s always that risk of ruining the fabric) and apply them carefully. You will benefit from our decades of experience and our attention to detail. Contact us today.