Upholstery Fabric Protection

If you are looking for a solution to protect your seats from stains, dirt and grease, you’ve found it. LCS Sydney provides full upholstery fabric protection as an additional offer when you employ our upholstery cleaning services. We are certainly able to remove dirt and clean lounges, couches and sofas. Yet you may be wondering what you can do to prevent these incidences from happening again.

Fabric protection works by creating an invisible and powerful barrier around  fibres. This stops dirt, dust and liquids from deteriorating the material over time.

Application by a professional leaves your furniture feeling soft and in good shape for the long run. Our fabric protectors prevent most damage to fabric furniture. Your furniture will enjoy a premium life span following employment of our upholstery protection services.

By hiring the professionals, you invest in decades of experience and knowledge. At LCS Sydney we have close to 50 years’ experience cleaning upholstery and carpets.

Our business was founded in 1972 and is fully family owned and run. Since then our expertise has been shaped by years of product development and refinement. We know just the right way to apply fabric protection. We can make sure your seating is protected for the long term.

Lounge Couch Sofa offers both residential and commercial upholstery protection services. We offer fabric seat protection alongside fabric and leather cleaning. Our mobile upholstery and carpet cleaning operates all over the wider metropolitan region. We offer free quotes when you call and describe your situation.

Our high quality fabric products are the best in the business. Spills and stains will simply slide off the fabric following application of our upholstery protection agent. By employing our services you prevent irreversible damage from penetrating stains from occurring.

Our list of services includes:

Fabric sofa upholstery cleaning

Sofa bed upholstery cleaning

Leather upholstery cleaning

Office furniture upholstery cleaning

Other office upholstery cleaning and household upholstery cleaning

Fabric protection is often sold as an eternal, 100% effective protective coating that makes your fabric forever un-stainable. This is not and has never been accurate.

Once cured, the protective barrier still has to allow the fabric to “breathe” or it will lose the richness of its texture. This means eventually, if left long enough even cold water will be able to pass through the barrier. General wear and tear can still happen even after application of, for example, Scotchgard fabric upholstery protector.

However, fabric protectors provide a valuable layer of protection. This layer will give you more time to react to a spill. It can help you keep your carpets and fabrics cleaner for longer, but will wear out over time, so will eventually need to be re-applied.

The frequency of application will depend on the type of use the item receives. You can prevent premature ageing and damage by cleaning and protecting your home or office upholstery regularly.

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